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During short period of experiments, tests and faults we did stabilized our rolling stocks. Now we are working with only one solid name brand, the star .
In our rolling stock you can find pick-ups with hard cover or with canvas cover. Also, solo motor trucks with total weight 7,5t, 12t and 18t. Motor vehicles with trailers - total weight till 12t and also enormous motor vehicles with trailers, thereinafter classic trailers and mega trailers.

All vehicles adheres strict European emissive rules – Euro 4 and 5. All cars have monitoring system from company CDS as well. By this tracking system we can follow each vehicle any time and everywhere. Every single driver has mobile phone with activated roaming. By these innovations we are still in touch with yours shipment.

Every vehicle is put through periodical service overhauls in approved service department. In spite of this service overhauls our cars are still under supervision of ours own machinists. Insignificant breakdowns are solved in our direction without any needless idle time left. If it is needed our faulty emergency services is still on standby duty and has available own service vehicle armed with required equipment.